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Double anti-colic system Pacifier size S (0 m +) Patented, oval shape of the pacifier A sieve-mixer that perfectly distributes the mix Tight lid Tight container for milk or snacks    HeroBottle is a new standard of baby bottles straight from Sweden. The bottle is equipped with a double anti-colic system and a unique teat imitating breast shape.

Double anti-colic system and oval shape of the pacifier

The traditional anti-colic system used in most bottles is based on the same principle developed by Joseph W. Less in 1946. It consists in adding an additional vent hole to the teat, which creates an even flow, prevents vacuum formation and swallowing the baby's air during drinking. After 70 years, the Swedish company Herobility invented and patented the next generation of bottle teats.

The HeroTeat teat in Herobility bottles has an oval shape that perfectly adapts to the child's mouth. The transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is now much easier. Thanks to the oval shape of the pacifier, the air does not get into the corners of the child's mouth. We eliminate the possibility of swallowing air in this way, and thus minimize the risk of colic, drooling and spilling food during feeding.

The traditional vent breather ensures an even flow of fluids and prevents vacuum formation in the bottle

The HeroTeat teat is available in 4 sizes so that it can accompany your child at every stage of development. A detailed description of the sizes can be found in the table at the bottom of the page.

Easy mix preparation In traditional bottles, the preparation of a milk mixture involves pinching a hole in the teat and shaking the bottle. Often, this ends with splashing milk, clutter and clogging of the teat through clumps of undissolved modified milk. A clogged teat makes the child swallow air while eating.

The unique, tightly screwed cap turns the Herobility bottle into a shaker. The sieve-mixer perfectly distributes the milk mixture preventing the formation of clumping and clogging of the teat. No leakage or mess.

Airtight container for snacks All HeroBottle bottles contain a container for modified milk or snacks necessary during travel and walking. The container can be heated in a microwave oven and stored in a freezer. It has a tightly screwed cap so it is also suitable for storing liquids. Capacity 100 ml - just for a large portion of modified milk. Containers can be combined with each other, and screwed to the bottom of the bottle HeroBottle or cup HeroSippy not.

Washing Herobility bottles can be washed in a dishwasher. The cuts in the bottom of the bottle drain the excess water accumulated during washing.

The very wide opening in the Herobility bottles makes it easy to fill the bottle and allows it to be thoroughly washed.

The ergonomic shape means that even a small child will not have trouble keeping the bottle in their hands.



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